Music/Lyrics/Arrangement/Vocal Matthew Siu

There are millions, millions of me
No identity, not even worth a number
We are molded, by a die called society
Mediocrity, statistically unimportant
We are drowned, in a roaring sea of me

Don’t have millions, millions of greens
Ain’t no celebrity, no super-hero ability
Yeah, we struggle with individuality
We are spoon-fed, zero creativity
Fade away, like an oil painting in the rain

* Why do I keep on chasing, someone else’s fantasy?
When within I am burning, are my dreams calling out for me?
Woo..Calling out for me?
Woo..Calling out for me?
Get me out of Mediocrity *

Then I met you, you are different from the others
You had nothing, but you seem to have everything
How refreshing, when you called me by name
Irreplaceable, because I was your image
Mediocrity, the type you chose to do your work

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